Review: Eczema Honey Skin-Soothing Cream

My eczema flares up at the slighted change in temperature. While everyone was ECSTATIC that Summer was finally here, I was peeved because I was left scratching at the scaly skin that was beginning to take over my shoulders and the tops of my armpits. 

A friend of mine was experiencing something similar and had posted about a product that was working for her called Eczema Honey Skin-Soothing Cream. I picked it up without hesitation because I was desperately looking for relief. Here’s how it worked for me.

Key Ingredients 

The first ingredient that caught my eye was 1.0% colloidal oatmeal. This completely makes sense when it comes to treating eczema because it helps soothe dry, itchy, or irritated skin. 

There was also mention of olive oil, almond oil, and aloe leaf juice, all which help in providing additional moisture to the skin. With these ingredients, I knew my skin was sure to get that additional dose of nourishment that it so desperately needed.


I’ve been using the Eczema Honey Skin-Soothing Cream for the past three weeks and I’m happy to say that it does in fact work! It definitely took some time to kick in, but the eczema that was previously on my shoulders has now flattened out. While I’m still battling with the flare up near my left armpit, the rash on my right side is 90% cleared up. 

Before Eczema Honey usage on upper right shoulder and after.

While the Eczema Honey Skin-Soothing Cream was effective for my eczema, there are a few things I’d be mindful of when using the product.

  1. The product is thick and has some tact to it. So if possible, I’d recommend not wearing form-fitting clothing after application. This may be impossible to avoid depending on the location of your eczema, but doing this will keep your clothes clean and keep your clothes from sticking to you. 

  2. You’ll need to apply this product more than once per day. The recommended application is 1-3 times per day, but I found once per day was too little for me. If I applied in the morning, my skin would be crying (and itching!) by the end of the day.

  3. The product can sometimes pill. For those who don’t know, pilling is when a product balls up on your skin and essentially starts flaking. This likely happens because the product is so thick. So once it’s applied, I wouldn’t recommend touching it too much.

Overall, I find this Eczema Honey product to be a successful treatment option. As always, I’d recommend speaking to a specialist first. However, if you’re in desperate need of relief and need an over the counter option, this is something that will be extremely helpful.


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