5 Hand Creams For Dry Skin

When Glossier dropped their long awaited hand cream back in late April, the beauty community was set ablaze. The packaging alone made you want to get your hands on this soon-to-be cult favorite. However, after you worked past the package and actually started using the product, you found that the hand cream itself unfortunately missed the mark (see my full review here). While some absolutely fell in love, the true hand cream connoisseurs (including myself) were disappointed because it simply didn’t measure up. SO, I as a hand cream snob took the time to compile a few alternatives that will leave your fingers and cuticles feeling hydrated and nourished.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream – $15 – 2.5oz/75ml


This hand cream from Caudalie had my nail-beds looking BEAUTIFUL. I didn’t see a hangnail for months, okay!? But on a serious note, this Hand and Nail Cream is extremely nourishing and long lasting, so you’re not going to feel the need to apply 5 minutes later (side-eyes Glossier). It has more of a matte finish to it, so your hands don’t look shiny or feel greasy after application. I primarily used this product right before bed and it lasted me a few months, so for $15, you definitely get your moneys worth.

L’Occitaine Hand Cream – $12 to $29 – 1oz/30ml to 5.2oz/150ml

My mother introduced me to L’Occitaine hand creams when I was a young girl and I thought they were the most luxurious lotions in the world. From the packaging to the name, whenever she poured a smidgen into my hand, I took the time to enjoy the soothing sensation as I rubbed my hands together. Long story short, these hand creams are top tier! The ones my mother and I like are usually comprised of at least 20% shea butter, which kept our hands truly nourished and ash-free. To me, L’Occitaine is the Michael Jordan of handcreams.

The Body Shop Hand Cream – $6 to $20 – 1oz/30ml to 3.3oz/100ml

I’ve been using The Body Shop body lotions since I was a little girl to help my dry skin and soothe my eczema. I’m here to tell you that the hand creams provide just as much hydration! The Shea and Coconut hand creams specifically help with dry to super dry skin, but the other scents they have available do an excellent job at keeping your hands moisturized as well. No shine, no oiliness, or greasy feeling. And for $6!? Sis, don’t walk, RUN!

Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Cream – $2.95 – 2.1oz/60g

Back in the day, Cocoa Butter was one of those staples that you’d be able to find in almost any Black household. My mom and I used the whipped lotion with the pump, while my dad preferred to scoop a more solid version out of a jar. But when it came to the hands, my mom always stuck to the high-end hand creams, though my Nana would keep Cocoa Butter hand creams in her purse. Because my mom didn’t prefer their handcream, I thought the quality was poor, but I was wayyyyy off. The quality is on par with their body lotions, which always had me and my family looking moisturized af! I will say that there is some shine left over after usage with a little bit of greasiness, but it’s not anything that’s bothersome (unless you’re trying to open a bottle of sauce right after LOL). For less than $3, it’s the most price effective hand cream on the market.

Rituals Kitchen Hand Balm – $12.50 – 175ml

Okay, so I know this isn’t a “lotion” or “hand cream”, but bear with me. I’ve never been a huge fan of balms because they’re often greasy and goopy, but the Rituals Hand Balm is not that. While it is in fact a balm, it forgoes that greasy feeling while still giving your hands that sustenance it truly needs. It’s lightweight and so much so that it doesn’t really feel like anything is one your hands…which isn’t a bad thing. I just like the feeling of my hands being moisturized (y’all know what feeling I’m talking about) so sometimes it trips me out a bit. But overall, one of the best hand balms I have EVER used.

There’s a lot of gimmicky hand creams out there ladies and gents. Don’t be caught slipping just because the packaging looks cool or because your favorite influencer loves it. You’ll just end up on trend and ashy. My recos are tried (some for over 20 years) and true. I promise you won’t be out here looking crusty with any of these picks!



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